Operational Magic


If you had a magical fairy godmother come in and fix everything in your business that’s not working.

That your business has streamlined systems that give you and your assistant peace of mind.

That you’re sure your sales pipeline is secure and your prospects and clients are attended to promptly and with care.

That you know that nothing is falling through the cracks.

Operational Magic

I help entrepreneurs create systems that remove human error and create peace of mind to help you and your Virtual Assistant feel confident that nothing is falling through the cracks. By listening to what’s not working for you and your business, and how you’d like things to ideally run, I will create a tailored plan to streamline your business processes using online tools that are user friendly and automated.


  • Personalized programs designed for you and your business
  • Work virtually with an operations expert who understands your business
  • All programs include training and support for you and your virtual assistant
  • Update your outdated systems to the current technology
  • Ongoing support to ensure new systems are running smoothly


  • Feel confident that your prospects and clients are fully cared for
  • Eliminate human error, scheduling mishaps and miscommunication
  • Implement easy to use systems that remove human error and reduce stress
  • Support your VA by streamlining her job, setting her up for success
  • Let your systems run the backend of your business

Expert Support in…

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Sales Pipeline Management
Online Scheduling Systems
Task Management
Time Management
E-mail Marketing
Document Management
Social Media Management
Integration and automation across all of your systems
And more…


Ready to stop the chaos?

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Featured Testimonial.

Before working with Catherine, my business took so much time and energy to manage. My VA was using outdated systems to track prospects and clients, nothing was automated, and everything took twice the amount of time and effort than it does now. We were manually entering data, prospects were falling through the cracks, there were scheduling mistakes, and I didn’t even realize how much anxiety I had about it until Catherine transformed all of my systems. Catherine is a true gem; one of the most inspiring and brilliant women I have ever met. She managed my fear of technology and anxiety about changing my systems, led me through one change at a time, and made the whole process feel easy and seamless. After training my VA and I to use the new systems, I now have a business that practically runs itself. There is no margin for human error. There are no scheduling mistakes, and my VA’s life is so much easier. When prospects request a call, they are automatically added to my : list, zapped into my CRM, and all prospect/client emails are integrated into my CRM so I can easily see what’s happening with every prospect and client in one place. I can’t describe how amazing it feels to know that nothing is slipping through the cracks. I can’t recommend Catherine highly enough, and take great pleasure knowing that I’ll never go back to the way my business was before. There is a way for your business systems to seamlessly flow, and Catherine IS the person to help. Call her now and let her work her magic on you!

-Natalie Nevares, Mommywise Founder