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This post is by guest blogger, Katarina Spasojevic of the New Energy event in Serbia.

After taking a course with RockStarVA @ Stranac Academy, I became an addict of online marketing. When I heard about the New Engergy conference, I signed up. I spent 4 days at the Conference #NovaEnergija on Kopaonik, organized by the fantastic Robert Čoban and Zoran Torbica, where they brought together some of the most successful people from the IT, Media and Marketing industry, which has left me feeling “doped” with new energy and new ideas.

At beautiful Kopaonik where we got to see snow in May, we were approached by wonderful people who recognized US as this new energy that Serbia needs.

Over four days, more than thirty hours of lectures full of optimism, new ideas and good messages, with amazing speakers including the fantastic NJ.E.Ambasador Yossi Levy, the Israeli ambassador in Belgrade; Lazar Džamić Google, London; Veselin Jevrosimovic,  ComTrade; Bora Miljanović, CEO Represent System; Branimir Brkljač, Marketing expert ( Telemarketing – Kosmodisk Dormeo etc. CEO of Studio Moderna); Dragan Varagić, blogger, online strategy; Istok Pavlovic, Internet marketing expert, blogger, co – owner of “Like Media”; Ivan Bildi, Marketing online; Zarko Ptiček, IT lawyer; Ivan Stankovic, Communis and many other successful people from these sectors. In addition to the excellent lectures and interesting panels, participants were able to speak directly with teachers, ask questions, make comments, and propose their new ideas.

This was definitely one of the few places where you could, freely, all the time use your laptop, mobile phone or a camera, and no one would blame you for that. We Tweeted, shared, took selfies, commented, we were 100% online crazy.

During the breaks we used all the resources of Kopaonik, as well as sponsors Coca Cola, Imlek and Frikom icescream, and even more NONsponsors – prasetina, jagnjetina and homemade rakija 🙂

My dear friends and colleagues, I strongly recommend that you take time to review the reports from these lectures on the official YT New Energy channel –

One important message from Mr. Ivan Minić – YOU have to do to make things happen – make big cuts and tough decisions!

I will certainly go again next year, and you?

Katarina Spasojevic


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A native of Upstate New York, Catherine has lived in Italy, France, Croatia and New York City. She now calls Belgrade, Serbia her home, where she lives with her husband and three pre-school aged children. Catherine studied foreign languages at Bennington College in Vermont and is a systems aficionado. She enjoys cooking and making home-made creams and concoctions for herself and her family.

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