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Catherine and I live pretty busy lives, it seems we function best that way. At first glance, you might think it impossible to juggle our training & consulting at RockstarVA, careers, family, personal life, joint projects and a myriad of other activities but we manage, I’m proud to say quite well. At times I wonder exactly how we do what we do. There is no fancy formula, it’s as simple as relying on a smorgasboard of tools and processes.

In my last post I wrote to you about Trello, but this time I wanted to spend a little time on the Google Apps. As Catherine mentioned, we’ve been busy planning our Web Based Tools for Productivity Workshop to be held in partnership with the French Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade and Google Apps is our starting point!

So why do we love Google Apps?

Simple, user-friendly, easy to set-up, great for collaboration & version control, easy access, 15GB of free storage space across Gmail, Google Drive & Google+ Photos, the list goes on. Basically, we’ve done a complete switch from Microsoft Office and have become total Google converts!

As part of the 6 week course we run at Stranac Academy the first thing we ask our participants to do is download Google Chrome and open a Gmail account. After some initial resistance, we generally have 95% of those who give it a go decide to stick with it. It simply offers so much!

If you’d like us to help you facilitate switching your business over to Google Apps or to see how we can assist you with the work that we do, send us an email to schedule a consultation!

As you know, we work virtually, so location is not an issue. We look forward to changing the way you work.
(This is not a paid advertisement…hehehe).

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Natalija Milanovic
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Natalija is originally from Sydney, Australia and has spent time abroad living and working in New York and Belgrade. She completed her studies in Australia and holds a Masters in Education (Organizational & Workplace Learning) and a Masters in Management (Event Management) as well as an undergraduate degree in majoring in media & cultural studies and education.

Natalija has worked on a diverse range of projects in across a range of organizations in various capacities including Project Manager, Trainer, Communications Consultant, High School teahcer and Event & Project Coordinator. With professional experience spanning across numerous industries from education to telecommunications and events, Natalija is passionate about effective communication, business analysis as well as developing efficient processes and procedures. Natalija also speaks fluent Serbian.

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