Freelancer, elancer, any chance, Sir?

At RockStar VA, we cover a variety of skills in our signature An Introduction to Virtual Support class, from time and task management to social media marketing and even WordPress.

The #1 question we get from students and fans alike is, “Where do you find the clients?”.

Many people take advantage of the online platforms out there advertising jobs for freelancers, but it can be a frustrating experience to bid time and time again on jobs and to either not hear back, or have to price yourself lower than you’re comfortable with in order to stay competitive with the global market.

Our philosophy is that the client can find you. We work extensively on building an online presence, on defining your passion and your ideal client and diffusing that information online. We also work on the infamous elevator pitch which often ends up being the most challenging (and also the most fun) part of the class for students. Many people are happy to learn new skills, dutifully coming to class and doing their homework, but when it comes to shameless self-promotion, most of us are terrified.

It’s important to learn the skills, to practice and prepare for the work in that way, but until you figure out what you are selling and to whom you’re selling it, the road to finding clients will be a rocky one.

If you’ve been throwing your profile and CV anywhere it will stick (aka elance, odesk etc) with little success or success but paying high fees to “the man”, it may be time to step back and take stock of what you offer, asking yourself what makes you special and where you feel passion in your work. At RockStar VA, we love worksheets, here is one we made to help you identify your zone of genius. After that, think about the type of clients you work best with, what business are they in, how do they work and communicate. Then it’s up to you to own it and preach it from the rooftops to everyone and anyone that will listen. That’s how your clients will find you.

Happy hunting!

Virtually yours,

RockStar VA

RockStar VA is a training company based in Belgrade, Serbia that teaches motivated entrepreneurs to embrace their inner business instinct and take the leap into working for themselves as online support professionals. Our next term will run weekly on Thursdays from 6-7:30pm from Sept. 24th to Dec. 10th, space is limited, please apply online for consideration.


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