Do you hate to blog?

Why is blogging annoying?

In the golden age of digital content and social networks, if you want to spread your message, creating and sharing content is key. One way to accomplish this is by writing a blog.

So, if blogging is so important and so effective in reaching our target audience, then why is it so daunting for so many of us?

Like so many self created obstacles, I have to chalk the first reason up to fear.

Writing is scary.

We fear not being interesting enough.

We fear committing to the idea and publishing it (what if it is no good).

We fear that blank page.

We all know that fear doesn’t serve us when it comes to entrepreneurship and business in general. And since interesting is subjective, let’s focus on value over bling. What is valuable to your audience, what information do they crave? By providing them with value, you are by default interesting to them. If what you write is your take on answers or solutions to your audience’s questions and needs, it can’t be garbage.

Break it down.

Writing is an unstructured and subjective art. That’s not easy to digest.

Lack of structure isn’t easy for me. I’m a systems person after all. But who says writing has to be flowing and free and artistic- only the voice in my head (and maybe the ghosts of English teachers past). So stop telling yourself that and move on to action.

Like every big task, we can break blogging down into smaller, more digestible pieces. Here is a link to the worksheet I created to help take the chaos and uncertainty out of writing. Blog posts should be structured and concise, so this formula really works.

Start by asking yourself, what stimulated your brain this week, what have you been mulling over, did you have some revelation on how to solve a problem that has been bothering you or someone you know? That’s the material to collect. Be forewarned that these ideas often come to you before bed or in the shower, so keep a list handy for moments like those so you don’t lose your ideas.

Once you’ve got your ideas on paper, it’s time to break it down.

Start with your heading, then choose a few sub points, your sub headings. After that, filling in a few sentences on each point should be manageable. Paste it all together and what do you get? You got it, your blog post is written.

And don’t forget…

Last but not least, remember to pay attention to your call to action. What do you want your readers to do now that they’ve read your post. Do you want to engage with them, to showcase your knowledge and serve your community? Ask for comments. Are you promoting a new program or looking for new clients? Direct your readers to taking the right action so you leverage your exposure.

I hope you try using this worksheet to help organize your ideas and create more valuable content for your followers. Do you have trouble getting together blog posts on a regular basis? Please share in the comments! Have you ever tried a system to organize yourself to blog more? Let me know what has worked and what hasn’t. And if you try this worksheet, I’d love to hear from you on if it was helpful or if you have ideas on how to improve it.

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A native of Upstate New York, Catherine has lived in Italy, France, Croatia and New York City. She now calls Belgrade, Serbia her home, where she lives with her husband and three pre-school aged children. Catherine studied foreign languages at Bennington College in Vermont and is a systems aficionado. She enjoys cooking and making home-made creams and concoctions for herself and her family.

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