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A native of Upstate New York, Catherine has lived in Italy, France, Croatia and New York City. She now calls Belgrade, Serbia her home, where she lives with her husband and three pre-school aged children. Catherine studied foreign languages at Bennington College in Vermont and is a systems aficionado. She enjoys cooking and making home-made creams and concoctions for herself and her family.

Do you hate to blog?

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Why is blogging annoying? In the golden age of digital content and social networks, if you want to spread your message, creating and sharing content is key. One way to accomplish this is by writing a blog. So, if blogging is so important and so effective in reaching our target audience, then why is it so daunting […]

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Freelancer, elancer, any chance, Sir?

At RockStar VA, we cover a variety of skills in our signature An Introduction to Virtual Support class, from time and task management to social media marketing and even WordPress. The #1 question we get from students and fans alike is, “Where do you find the clients?”. Many people take advantage of the online platforms […]

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Its never too late to learn

This post is by guest blogger, Katarina Spasojevic of the New Energy event in Serbia. After taking a course with RockStarVA @ Stranac Academy, I became an addict of online marketing. When I heard about the New Engergy conference, I signed up. I spent 4 days at the Conference #NovaEnergija on Kopaonik, organized by the fantastic […]

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Are you stuck here?

I hear it day after day- people telling me how they’re stuck in the town they live in, limited by the current job market and iffy economic conditions. Well, that’s just the kind of thing that sets me off. If you speak English well, have a good internet connection and a laptop, are motivated to succeed, I […]

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Oh, hello TRELLO!

If you’re anything like me, you probably have several different projects going on at any one time. From balancing your social life, perhaps a family, career(s), new business ideas, studies, ah, the list goes on (at least in my case it does). I’ve always considered myself a strong organiser. I mean that’s what I do […]

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It Takes a Village

Can you build or revamp an entire business with a functional website that runs operations seamlessly in just six weeks? This is just what the students at this term’s Intro to Online Business at Stranac Academy were tasked with doing. Their client? The Belgrade Foreign Visitors Club- a Facebook group with over 5000 members and […]

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Training Day

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We’ve been asked by the French Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade to be guest trainers! Natalija and I put our heads together and had a planning session during which we hashed out the topics and activities for the day. There we are above hashing out our plan over a meager meal of processed cheese and […]

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